Sample projects

Projecten & Consultancy:

  • Advisory report on costs for a new Drupal 8 website(Semi-Government)
  • Organizing a Scrum team for creating a portal
  • Security Audit including implementation of preventive measures
  • Project management of the creation of an online ordering system
  • Internationally tendered service support contract
  • Support on evaluation and selection of software packages
  • Development of Software Requirements
  • Effectiveness Studies
  • PvE - Software
  • PvE - Networking and VTC's


  • Migration of servers including transferring information portals
  • Extension of an existing Drupal 8 website (Semi-Government)
  • Implementation Back-end website including data migration
  • Development, test and protection of a government portal about open data (services)
  • Development, test and integration of a government portal about vegetation data
  • Development and hosting of a booking website for hotel accomodation
  • Test implementation Open GIS / Open Source Web-Map Server with OpenLayers client
  • Implementation web portal including Map Display
  • Implementation Geo Database
  • Various Database Applications (Visual Studio)
  • Google Maps implementations


  • Scrum v.s. traditional project management (do and don'ts)
  • Drupal courses
  • RoboHelp courses
  • JOIIS (Joint Ops-Intel Information System) courses