Bio-plants in the Netherlands

RVO requested iDelft to make a webportal to display bio-plants. Big installations in The Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany are shown on a map. The website is featuring bio-energy-installations that are producing power or green gas. We have released the website within two months and we used the official government style (called Rijkshuisstijl).

RVO (previously called: AgentschapNL) shows via the website the geographic distribution of bio-mass installations in the The Netherlands. In this way, it is possible to determine opportunities and shortfalls. The system is also feasible for tracking trends. By using the map system one can calculate the amount of renewable energy per category.

Certain filters can be applied in order to alter and show the cumulative data. If the user clicks on a plant then a popup window appears with detail information on the selected installation.

The website is based on Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart (PDOK) mapping services, such as the BRT background map. The bio-plants are positioned with help of the PDOK geocoding function. It is of paramount importance that PDOK maps are free, up-to-date, fast and free of advertisements.

Screenshot b-i-o