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15 December 2022
Drupal 10 has been released

Drupal has made version 10 available. Clearly: the software is ready for migrating Drupal 8/9 websites. This is very important for two reasons:

In 202'1, support for Drupal 8 stopped. In principle, Drupal only supports one previous version (Drupal 9), but will make an exception for the time being given the challenges when moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10. Customers, who currently have a website running in Drupal 7, are strill strongly recommended to take action and contact us for an analysis.

For customers who currently run a Drupal 8/9 website, we can perform an analysis as well: We will then determine whether the migration from Drupal 8/9 to 10 is easy or not. In general, if there is not too much complexity, and if the website has been built by a professional Drupal developer, then a smooth migration will be possible. This is specially true if the website is running on up-to-date Drupal modules although there is always a need for changes in the code and on the server. For example, it is often required to upgrade the PHP and Drush versions prior to the migration.

Contact our office for a quick analysis of your website. We can then immediately give you an advice on the best strategy for your organisation.


14 April 2022
Connectivity with Power BI

iDelft has developed a one-way connection between Power BI and Drupal. Power BI is the Business Intelligence solution of Microsoft.  

Image that it is possible to show PowerBI reports in a Drupal portal. That is exactly what we have achieved at the iDelft office for a customer in the public sector. The great advantage is that data storage is only taking place at one location. It is also not necessary to recreate dashboard elements (in a PowerBI setup) in order to show them in a Drupal portal. 

Security is of paramount importance:  Non-open data should be protected at all times. An extra security layer is therefore  present. This layer specifies which reading permissions are being granted.

Is your organization also interested in PowerBI connectivity? Just contact us. 

10 January 2022
Webshop Tub & Table online

We have launched the Tub & Table webshop. The website offers creative workshops and bathroom- and table items.

We optimised the product presentationd over the last few weeks. iDelft also installed an online booking module for workshops for TubandTable (or TubenTable as sometimes referred to). In addition we connected the webshop with Mollie for online payments.

Do you also want a website and/or a webshop? Contact us so that we can make an appointment to discuss the various possibilities.

15 February 2021
Accessibility official websites

Government agencies are obliged to provide clarity about the accessibility of their official websites since September 23, 2020. Accessible websites can be used by everyone; also by people with, for example, an auditory or visual impairment.

If websites do not meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA guidelines, government agencies are required to present an improvement plan. These plans must be stored in a central register. It is now possible to determine for each government organization how effective the Legislation on Digital Accessibility has been implemented.

iDelft is able to test and improve existing websites to comply with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines and to advise on web accessibility. If you would like to discuss this, please contact us.

28 February 2020
A new website on-line in one day?

Yes, that is possible! With help of the Drupal Content Management System it is possible to quickly launch an interactive site. Multi-language texts, a location map, a dynamic menu, responsiveness: it is all feasible based on existing themes and our reliable hosting solutions. Safe and fast.

A sample website is that needed to be on-line at very short notice: The period between the domain name request and the website launch was exactly 6 hours. 

Do you also want to obtain quick results? Do not hesitate and contact us to discuss your needs with an expert.

23 January 2020
New Data Portal in Drupal 8

iDelft co-operated in a team in order to renew and expand a nation-wide data portal in Drupal 8. We are currently creating advanced glossary. The customer is requesting this functionality in order to make the contents better accessible. The project will be finished mid-2020.

11 November 2019 A brand new website

The brand new website has been launched by the Kunstmuseum in The Hague. iDelft developed the website back-end in Drupal 8. The first graphical design was made by the company Vruchtvlees.  

With this website it is possible to upload imagery of Dutch Delftware so that experts can submit comments on the various objects. The website will be improved in the upcoming weeks.



01 August 2019
PURA Software-catalogus renewed has been improved. iDelft completely renewed the software platfom.  Safe and reliable hosting is of paramount importance since the website contains information about software titles, applications and vendors for the Medical Services for the Municipalities (GGD).  

iDelft took over parts of Triquanta last year including the GGD account. All Triquanta clients have been migrated to a new platform over the last year.

06 May 2019
Upgrade of our VPS cluster

We renewed our Virtual Private Server (VPS) cluster including our monitoring procedures. The servers are part of the hosting and support solution for our iDelft customers. We primarily host webportals developed in-house with Drupal. In addition, we support some older VPS servers that we took over from Triquanta ealier this year. We are in contact with the customers because we want to fade out these servers in the near future.

29 April 2019 is now on-line

The website is now on-line. The site is specially targetted for mobile phones and tablets. The engineering firm Peutz is using to inform applicants on the latest vacancies. The website is being made by iDelft in Drupal 8 without the need for any license fees.

20 February 2019
Critical Drupal Security patch

iDelft applied today an important Drupal SA-CORE-2019-003 security patch at client websites. A vulnerability of Drupal in combination with RESTful webservices occured. Only a fraction of the websites is being affected, but we try to upgrade Drupal consistently. Drupal security is something you can rely upon.

21 December 2018
New VRNHN website is live

The new Drupal 8 website of a Dutch security organisation (Veiligheidsregio Noord-Holland Noord) is live:

Our client worked hard over the past few months to introduce new videos end imagery. This combined with our efforts to implement a new platform resulted in a brand new website with a clear design (by Kees-TM Internet)). Emphasis has been put on social media and quick performance through advanced caching mechanisms.

There was special attention for mobile applications and the introduction of forms to reduce the workload of VRNHN staff members. This new website is compliant with the new European privacy regulations and provides a stable on-line channel for the years to come.

30 January 2018
Take over Triquanta Web Solutions

The Court in Amsterdam declared Triquanta Web Solutions B.V. bankrupt on January 16th. iDelft has partly taken over the company which always had an excellent reputation in the market. This acquisition is meant to reinforce the position of iDelft as leading developer of complex websites based on Drupal.

19 October 2017
iDelft is helping with a migration project

Big companies often operate (many!) large websites. iDelft helped a major engineering firm in the Netherlands over the past months to migrate a range of websites to Drupal 8. The sites are multi-langual and context sensitivity plays an important role. In many cases, iDelft is responsible for the entire implementation project, but in this instance we acted as consultants and worked together with the building team of the customer. This advisory role was crucial for the success of the migration.

01 May 2017
iDelft has won an international NATO prize

iDelft participated in the NITECT 2017 conference in Ottawa. The NATO Communication and Information (NCI) Agency awarded iDelft BV with the Defence Innovation Challenge prize. With 9 other international companies, iDelft demonstrated new technology at the 2017 NCI Agency Conference / AFCEA TechNet International (NITEC17), 'Sharpening NATO's Technological Edge: Adaptive Partnerships and the Innovative Power of Alliance Industry'. A total of 48 companies submitted proposals to NATO; 10 spearhead technologies had been formulated by NATO upfront.

iDelft created a software solution for procurement processes based on the Drupal platform. Combining this software with so-called Container technology (Docker) is offering maximum scalability and flexibility. With this solution, NATO can optimize their procurement processes on various platforms and geographic locations.

The other winning companies were from Norway, Germany, UK and the USA, focussing on Cyber Security, Secure Voice, Service Management Automation, Long Range Communication and Infrastructure.

NATO will spent more than 3 billion Euro's in the coming years on new projects and the NITEC 2017 conference paid attention to those upcoming projects that will need to incorporate new technologies.

30 March 2017
Cadaster test- and advice project

iDelft completed a project for the Cadastre to migrate the portal to a new database platform. This involved a PostgreSQL database in combination with Docker containers.

20 October 2016
iDelft partner of Drupal Nederland

iDelft is in 2016 silver partner of Drupal Nederland (a foundation to promote the effective use of Drupal in The Netherlands).


27 June 2016
Quality Study Drupal website

iDelft completed a study on Drupal software implementation quality for a major Dutch public organisation. The results will be used to improve the follow-on phases.

12 February 2016
iDelft released today a new Drupal 8 website

Drupal 8 is not completely error-free yet, but we are proud to launch our first commercial Drupal 8 website: With the new version of Drupal, accessible (responsive) websites can be made, suitable for smaller devices according to the latest web guidelines.

Not every project is currently suitable for Drupal 8. We can advice on which version of Drupal can be used best at this moment. We can also provide information on Standard Drupal Configurations, Performance en SEO optimalisation.


26 January 2016
Drupal Start Architecture

iDelft released the first concept of an architecture report to a large public organisation in The Netherlands. The report is focusing on the Content Management System Drupal including the Standard Drupal Configuration concept. The report is also paying attention to Web Accessibility.