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20 October 2016
iDelft partner of Drupal Nederland

iDelft is in 2016 silver partner of Drupal Nederland (a foundation to promote the effective use of Drupal in The Netherlands).


27 June 2016
Quality Study Drupal website

iDelft completed a study on Drupal software implementation quality for a major Dutch public organisation. The results will be used to improve the follow-on phases.

12 February 2016
iDelft released today a new Drupal 8 website

Drupal 8 is not completely error-free yet, but we are proud to launch our first commercial Drupal 8 website: With the new version of Drupal, accessible (responsive) websites can be made, suitable for smaller devices according to the latest web guidelines.

Not every project is currently suitable for Drupal 8. We can advice on which version of Drupal can be used best at this moment. We can also provide information on Standard Drupal Configurations, Performance en SEO optimalisation.


26 January 2016
Drupal Start Architecture

iDelft released the first concept of an architecture report to a large public organisation in The Netherlands. The report is focusing on the Content Management System Drupal including the Standard Drupal Configuration concept. The report is also paying attention to Web Accessibility.

19 November 2015
Drupal 8 launched

Drupal 8 has been launched today! Congratulations to all contributors.

This major new release of Drupal enables administrators to roll out new releases in a quick fashion along with new functionalities.

17 September 2015
Newsletters in Drupal

We received a task for expanding an existing Drupal website with Newsletter (E-mail) functionality. The task originates from the Cadastre. The software needs to be ready by the end of this year on the PDOK platform.

19 June 2015
iDelft helps the Cadastre with website accessibility support

iDelft completed a project to optimize the website accessibility of the PDOK portal. The software has been modified in association with the Cadaster and the portal has succesfully been checked by Centric for web guideline compatibility.

27 May 2015
iDelft hands-over a new website

iDelft delivered a new operational website ( to our associated company IT4Hire BV.

The website is responsive which is important for the Google ranking. The lay-out is changing depending on the usage on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones. The website is aiming at two different audiences: Potential clients seeking support and self-employed IT professionals. Clients can search for candidates whereas IT-professionals can search for actual available projects. The website has been made with help of Drupal 7.

03 February 2015
Video Google Earth

iDelft has created a new video about 3D display in Google Earth.

The video shows buildings in Delft from above. Click here to see the video the 3D dispay of Delft in Google Earth.

26 January 2015
New staff members

Two new staff members for iDelft BV: Kevin van Houdts and Donny Weijers are starting as Open Source Software developers.

08 December 2014
Order for E-Learning course system

iDelft just received an order from an international consortium for the development of a new E-Learning course system. The project includes the design and technical implementation and hosting of a new course including graphical activities and video editing. The E-Learning will be made available on traditional desktop computers, but also on tablets. We are going to use the Drupal Content Management Systeem (CMS) plus additional modules.

06 October 2014
Optimizing website performance

iDelft started this week with a new website performance project for a major media company in Amsterdam. The work involves Drupal and website performance optimalization techniques using chaching techniques in an Open Source software development environment.

08 August 2014
Proof-of-concept Portal with SSO

iDelft completed a proof-of-concept web portal featuring Single Sign-On (SSO) access techniques.

02 June 2014
iDelft helps to improve web accessibility of

iDelft completed a Web accessibility certification project for The software has been modified with Cadastre staff members and controlled by Centric, resulting in three stars.

20 May 2014 gelanceerd

We spent significant efforts over the last months improving the functionality of our MapsAndMore software platform. A complete software and user administration module is now available. MapsAndMore enables organisations to create and publish maps without the usual complications.

01 May 2014
Second version of the Vegetatielegger portal online

iDelft completed an updated version of the Vegetatielegger portal for e-Participation (citizen-participation). This website has been created for Rijkswaterstaat to facilitate parcel owners. The project has been carried out with the Drupal Content Management System, MySQL database, jQuery, JavaScript and OpenLayers (Open Source software). In association with Rijkswaterstaat and the Center for Citizen Participation (CPP), iDelft created a Digital Map connection.

14 April 2014
No security problems detected at iDelft

iDelft has executed extra tests on all servers hosted by our company. None of the websites hosted with SSL certificates are vulnerable to the so-called Heartbleed OpenSSL security issue. Users are however adviced to renew passwords for extra security.

11 April 2014
iDelft succesfully completes a Drupal/PHP project

iDelft succesfully completed a Drupal and PHP project in The Hague, The Netherlands. The project was aimed at expanding an existing ordering webportal for a major data processing company. Security, accessibility and back-office order processing were major parts of the project.

31 December 2013
2013 iDelft News (Archive)

iDelft congratulates Rijkswaterstaat with the new Vegetatielegger portal for e-Participation (citizen-participation). This website helps parcel owners and users to submit feedback with respect to the vegetatielegger map. This project has been carried out with the Drupal Content Management System, MySQL database, jQuery, JavaScript and OpenLayers (Open Source software).

14 November 2013

iDelft completed today a series of government-sponsored activities in the area of building and hosting a portal and map module. The portal has been built with the Content Management System Drupal. The map module has been developed with help of OpenLayers. The project will run until February 2014. Meanwhile, a contract has been awarded for extra actrivities including work related to Web accessibility.

5 August 2013

iDelft is supporting web-development and the creation of 3D displays in a browser for a Dutch research organisation. This project suits well with our activities in the area of 3D Reconstructions of buildings and runs until the end of the year 2013.

22 May 2013

iDelft created the website to facilitate users to download low-resolution aerial images for any part of The Netherlands. High-resolution images can be ordered with the ordering site:

18 April 2013

iDelft is working on smart Geocoding functionalty: special software to determine geographic locations based on addresses. It is also possible to clean existing address lists. Read more on Geocoding and test the software.

25 March 2013 iDelft signed a new support contract for a number of geographic and software related services (see: PDOK Loket and PDOK Kaart). We will carry out corrective maintenance tasks and hosting services. In addition, we will advice on new developments and security aspects.

17 January 2013 iDelft participated in the PDOK Congress held on 16 January 2013 in Theatre Orpheus in Apeldoorn. We showed a number of sample websites including the website with Bio-installations in The Netherlands ( for the organisation AgentschapNL.

7 January 2013 iDelft has won the ICT Kring Delft (IKD) IPC prize for the most innovative IPC project, called 3D Reconstructions of buildings. The prize conquest had been organised by the ICT Kring Delft, an organisation in which IT companies are co-operating. The jury consisted of the following persons: Ben van der Burg, commercial director Triple -IT and investor, Pieter Guldemond (Municpality Delft), Prof. Arie van Deursen (software engineering), IT-advisor and entrepreneur/investor Sieuwert van Otterloo and Jan Willem Klerkx, Sales director Euvision and investor.

31 December 2012
2012 iDelft News (Archive)
The PDOK Loket is live! iDelft has made an important contribution to the PDOK program by developing the PDOK Loket. iDelft is also providing hosting and support services. PDOK is the abbreviation for Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart (Public Map Services). iDelft is creating accessible websites with help of the PDOK services. In this way, map data becomes available according to the latest governement guidelines. A sample website sample website has been made to show the windturbine installations together with Natura2000 protected areas. 15 November 2012iDelft has released today the website for the organisation AgentschapNL. The map system shows the bio-plants in The Netherlands. The website has been basd on the official web guidelines for Accessibility. The layout is based on the governement style (Rijkshuisstijl). The map data originates form Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart (PDOK) webservices.