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iDelft provides software and integration solutions (often based on Drupal). We apply the latest techniques: our websites feature an optimal performance, reliability and accessibility. Our websites are often made at the request of government agencies and we have a lot of experience with regulations for such web portals.

We are also experienced in providing advice and supporting and hosting web applications, survey systems and training software developed by iDelft, based on our 20+ years company background. iDelft is able to make data accessible in an effective way:  database contents but also imagery and video. You will find descriptions of projects in our news section, in the sample projects section and in the portfolio.

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Latest news

Matomo as alternative to Google Analytics

Matomo can be a good alternative to Google Analytics. The data of your website visitors remains within your organization.

New version Gratis-Kaart.nl on-line

A new version of Gratis-Kaart.nl is on-line as of today. This site makes free web maps in The Netherlands available to everyone. 

Application Programming Interface

iDelft completed today an incident Application Programming Interface (API) for a semi-government customer in The Netherlands.

PenTest successfully completed

A successful PenTest has been performed on a critical server managed by iDelft for hosting (semi) government websites.

Clients we are proud to serve

We are active for over 23 years with web-software development, training and hosting. Clients rely upon iDelft for their day-to-day business.