Website accessibility

iDelft is experienced in creating websites that comply with strict web guidelines regarding accessibility. These guidelines help to design, create and maintain websites of high quality standards. The guidelines are based on international rules, and proven to be useful in a professional environment. At this point in time, iDelft is making websites in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2.1 AA.

What are the web guidelines?

Web guidelines are dealing with Quality, Accessibility and Userfriendliness of websites.

  • Quality means first and for all: complying with web standards
    AIf the technique behind the website is correct, then website visitors will have an optimal experience irrespectable whether Windows- or Apple computer are being used and independent of the browser type. The visitor may even use a screen reader or mobile telephone or tablet.
  • Accessible for human beings and search engines
    An accessible website can be used by everyone. This includes disabled people or elderly people who are having problems with complex menus or mouse operations; e.g. (color-)blind, deaf or dyslectical persons. An accessible website can also be read and indexed properly by search engines. The website will thus be found in a better way.
  • User friendliness
    Vistors of websites like alternative control capabilities and good explanantions. This is also true in case an error occurs: visitors should be pointed out how an error can be corrected. Othere examples: friendly web addresses (URL's), good link descriptions and tailor made error pages with clear explanations.

In summary: The Web guidelines are an important instrument for building websites in a modern fashion based on the latest technical insights.

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iDelft and the Web guidelines

iDelft has completed the PDOK Loket and the Vegetatielegger website within a short period of time. These websites received the highest (3 star) ranking in terms of web-accessibility. The websites have been tested by Sogeti and Centric and certified by the independent organisation Stichting Drempelvrij.

Nowadays these websites would no longer be approved, because in the meantime the contrast requirements have become much stricter according to the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. More information about working according to WCAG 2.1 AA? Don't hesitate and contact us.