Approach towards projects

iDelft is not an ordinary IT company: we focus on database access, video's, multi-media channels and geographical data. We do not build fancy user interfaces or masterpieces of graphical design. Instead we focus on challenging data-driven projects.


If there is a possible match between client demands and company skills then we will first carry out an assessment on the requirements. Sometimes we advice a client to co-operate with a different type of company. In other cases we advice to improve the focus on the requirements (if there are too many loose ends). We can then help to carry out a detailed assessment via a project consultancy session.

Once we make the decision to start the implementation and integration phase then we will make an inventory about required knowledge, skills and techniques. Sometimes it is better to adopt a proven solution rather than re-inventing the wheel. Rules of thumb (like: adapting an 80 % solution) can be very effective provided that an experienced consultant is taking the lead.

There is a significant expertise within the company on Database Organisation, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and web server solutions. It is our goal to develop scalable products and to integrate whenever possible.

We tend to look at the full spectrum of activities: not only application development but also data organisation, training, configuration and hosting. These service and management aspects are important - even during the development phase.

The Sample projects section provides an overview of projects carried out in the past.