Google Maps

Google Maps, previously called Google Local, is a web service created by Google Inc. The web-service enables users to display free maps, satellite images and aerial imagery. The service is also available on mobile phones. 

In the Dutch version,, one starts with the map of The Netherlands. It is possible to incorporate the map canvas within an existing website. It is also possible to search for an address based on co-ordinates (or vice-versa).

In addition, it is possible to add elements to the map by developing script code:

  • Labels and symbols
  • Lines and areas
  • Imagery

The basic start configuration can be altered (satellite imagery or maps or both).

Since the fall of 2008, most important parts of The Netherlands are covered with StreetView, a cool new feature in Google Maps.

iDelft can help to successfully introduce Google Maps within your website project.

See also the related service: Google Earth.